I made a few “art-lifting” discoveries from Tuesday April 23rd through Monday April 29th. On Tuesday the 23rd, I went to the opening day of the “Oklahoma City ‘Festival of the Arts.’ ” It was a dreary day of constant drizzling rain. Made it perfect for slowly perusing and talking […]

Art-ful Discoveries

Sometimes you get an inspiration that can be literally blinding for your artwork. Then when you approach the canvas, you freeze or only do the background or simple parts of the painting. I recently fought that very problem with my latest painting. I knew in my mind’s eye what it […]

Heartfelt artwork

Have you ever been somewhere and an idea for a painting exploded into your mind and vision so clearly you felt you could touch the object of that vision? Did you have your trusty pencil and paper with you for those moments? Or did you forget to bring it or […]

Lessons learned the hard way…

I have recently started receiving valuable insight and information regarding Selling art and producing art. I recommend you seriously consider subscribing to these to newsletters: From Barney Davey – Art Print Issues –  Excellent information about the print market and how to get the most out of art print […]

Valuable Art Advice