Episode 5 WhaTheArt The Art HOA with Heart

WhaTheArt – The Art HOA with Heart

June 11, 2014
3 pm Central Time
4 pm Eastern Time
2 pm Mountain Time
1 pm Pacific Time
9 pm London Time

Join your WhaTheArt host   /    as he welcomes various guests  as they discuss how Social media, can benefit the small business and primarily how it benefits the aspiring artist. About 30 minutes. Then there will be a 15 minute question answer period to share techniques and answer questions on how to buy, hang, draw, or paint a certain way for a given effect. Then for the final 15 minutes, you get to draw or paint along with   as he shows you how he handles certain drawing topics.

Watch Live on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq5EUooA_tQ
Watch Live on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cdsnvg2nkhrr5a9rid633sbqksk
Watch Live on the   Website: http://longwellart.com/episode-5-whatheart-art-hoa-heart/

This weeks guest is  

A little about  :


An entrepreneur who loves to learn


After 25 years in the entertainment business, I’ve taken my passion and ideas in a new direction.  The CraftStar, an e:commerce site based on community and around a broadcasting platform, helps small businesses selling unique handmade items, vintage finds, and crafting supplies, to build.

Bragging rights


 is FOUNDER The CraftStar: A Unique Boutique for Online Shopping https://thecraftstar.com and the braZing: Flirt Freely! https://thebrazing.com 
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