Longwell Art, Home to Artists Tim and Issac Longwell

Dreams, ideas, memories, photos…

… We discover daily going about our lives provides enumerable inspiration for artwork.

Every one of us have these same things occur during the day. Many times we think to ourselves; “I would love to have a picture of that for…” in our home, work, where ever we feel it would be the best to hang or place on a shelf.

At Longwell Art, these inspirations are turned into fine art to enjoy for people just like you, to hang in your favorite places. Helping you arrange and acquire a piece of art for your home or place of business, customized to your dreams, ideas, memories, photos, even combinations of one or more of these, is why  Longwell Art is here for you.

So what dream, idea, memory, or photo would you like to have turned into a favorite piece of art?

Let Longwell Art turn your dream, idea, memory or a favorite photo into a work of art today!