Art-ful Discoveries

I made a few “art-lifting” discoveries from Tuesday April 23rd through Monday April 29th. On Tuesday the 23rd, I went to the opening day of the “Oklahoma City ‘Festival of the Arts.’ ” It was a dreary day of constant drizzling rain. Made it perfect for slowly perusing and talking with the different artists. And talk we did! The first discovery jumped into focus while talking with the different artists. I enjoyed my art most when I was able to make a heartfelt connection with the canvas, as well the subject on the canvas. The artwork flows more relaxed, less “uptight.” I realized I somehow join in a symbiotic relationship (for a lack of a more tangle comparison) with my artwork! I cannot explain when, why, or how it happens I just notice the painting flows with a stronger enjoyment of working on my artwork. Which bring me to the 2nd “art-lifting experience, which also ties into Dan Nelson’svideo, “The Art of Becoming an Artist”

Finally having juggled my time and to-do list to have a chance to watch Dan Nelson’s video, “The Art of Becoming an Artist.”   I had been thinking about thinning oil paints enough to make them more transparent, like a watery acrylic approach. I loved how the “Paint Like an Artist” section, Dan used that very technique! Now I know for sure it will work. I must admit though, I don’t particularly care for the finished subject matter of the 2nd paint along, I will paint it as it will reinforce the 2nd art-lifting discovery I need to ingrain and embed into the artist in me. I really enjoyed the whole way through!

Oh Yes, I need to answer ‘What was that 2nd art-lifting discovery?’ Looking at all the artwork at the “Festival of the Arts,”  I had not just been more reserved about using bright warm tone colors, almost to the point of being stingy with the bright warm tone colors, I realized a much deeper problem! I was afraid of color! I was too busy fighting questions like, does this distract from the subject? If I use it here in the painting, where will I put it somewhere else in the painting? All the while thinking in micro applications of the bright colors. I realized I wasn’t using bright colors at all! With that discovery made, as I approached the current painting I delightfully brought the painting to life with vibrant color and not just earth tone and cooler colored paints.

The 3rd artful discovery was that I had come along a lot farther than I personally realized as an artist until Spending part of Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th with Dale Adkins and what he helped me see. Then on Monday I was amazed at how quickly I had sketched an old building prominent in Choctaw culture in just a few minutes. The painting should go almost as quickly! This has been a most surprising and enlightening week! I look forward to what the future holds for my artistic efforts.