Google Plus, Networking and Self-motivation

Who would have thought having to go through Rotator cuff repair surgery would be a good thing? Well in my case it turned out to be a great thing! It made me more aware of what was available on Google Plus. Being unable to paint due to having both shoulders damaged and the right shoulder and arm trussed up in a post surgical sling, and unable to withstand the pain trying to paint with the damaged left arm/shoulder, I began scanning Google plus daily right after checking my e-mail.

In the past year, I have attended Google Plus Hangouts with Jason Horjes and Barney Davies. I first came into contact with Barney and Jason through blog posts via Fine Art America Art News. As Barney and Jason moved from pod-casts to Google Plus Hangouts, I began to expand my profile on Google Plus as well.

I knew from the Hang-outs and in previously broadcasted pod-casts by Barney and Jason, I needed to get more motivated to get my online presence in order and more productive. However I had managed to keep banging my head against my desk trying to figure out what my brand was, so I knew what to write about here in this blog and in the near future, an e-mail newsletter. I was so mired in figuring out what my brand was, I let it prevent me from getting moving to just “Do it!” and start writing here. Then came along a chance to follow Barney and Jason’s advice about Networking.

Turned out, I was viewing networking from a skewed perspective of just how I could use the small network I had begun to build on Google Plus. Then lo and behold while scanning recommended for me Google Plus people over this last weekend, was a link for a group the author called “The most Interesting Women on Google Plus.” So I added the group to my circles making them in my Circles with the same title of “The most Interesting Women on Google Plus.”

As usual checking my circles posts yesterday, I ran across the hangout “5 Steps To Improve Your Pro-Activity” hosted by James Fierce and that it was right then in progress. Interacting with the panel and other attendees in that hangout gave me the “ah-ha” moment that Barney and Jason have tried to awaken in their broadcasts! I could talk the talk, in fact I knew in my heart was great advice. Alas was dropping the ball on being Pro-Active about putting into practice what Barney and Jason had all due to not understanding my “Brand.”  When I explained what was holding me back Greg Turjillo expressed ‘he had fought a similar problem.’ Greg and James expressed that ‘one needed to stop focusing so much about exactly what their brand was, as even Pepsi and Coca-Cola were constantly tweaking their “Brand” in their advertising, so why would mine be any different?’

So there it was, Barney and Jason’s advice to ‘expand my network as far as it needed to  grow’ had paid off. I likely would not have found that link had I not expanded my “network” beyond just what I considered my Art Circle. I had learned to ask: How Far  have you expanded your networking? Just enough to confuse you or large enough to get that Self-motivation obstacle out-of-the-way so you can move forward?

Never assume your network circle has no need to grow to meet your achieving the goals you want to reach.