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Wed, Jan 21, 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM

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What is it like to have a painting custom ordered?
Find out this week as our special guest is +Zara Altair!This weeks Heart is once again supporting John Means, a young man needing a kidney transplant operation.
Be sure to help this Honor student, and budding Musical artist grow up, despite his sudden tragedy of health. His family needs $100,000, yet so far his school friends have only managed to raise $7612.00
Go now and help get this deserving young man get a badly needed operation! http://goo.gl/Jry83C

This week we delve into a special feature a lot of artists avoid. Commissions. What is a commission, what is involved in custom made for the consumer art? Join us and find out how simple and not scary the process is, especially with G+ Hang Outs.

Jan. 21, 2015
4 pm Central Time
5 pm Eastern Time
3 pm Mountain Time
2 pm Pacific Time
10 pm London Time

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This Week join your #WhaTheArt host Tim Longwell of Longwell Art Studios as he welcomes fellow Artist and Midweek Zap Host +Zara Altair  owner of Actation NOW as we discuss what +Zara Altair  would like painted and what makes it a painting she wants to cherish, and why she cherishes the subject.

A little about +Zara Altair :
Moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2013 and felt like I was home. I’m out on my porch every day–sun, rain, snow–to watch the wildlife around me. Get buzzed by the hummingbirds. The robin gives me a low fly-by greeting. Hawks and the occasional eagle soar overhead. I live in a Nature Channel.

Two Main Coon cats. The Boys: Zorzi and Tidy Two Tone–the Inspector and the Supervisor.

Eating at Casalinga, Firenze, Italia
Three Kings mosaic, basilica di sant’apollinare nuovo, Ravenna, Italia
Walking trails at low tide, Arcachon, France
Walking trails posted in walking time to destinations, Brienz, Switzerland
Sheep everywhere, Menteith, Scotland
Tiny charcuteries with delicious food, Paris, France
Hills and dales, Hampshire, England
Eating at Bistro de Venise, Venezia, Italia

Cats large and small
A really good photographic image (not over processed)
Anything Border Collie and sheep-herding (had to give these up post-cancer)
Anything Venezia
Tips on navigating Google +
A sense of humor

My daughter and her husband
My son and his wife
My granddaughter

PASTIMES(aside from sitting on the porch):
Avid reader
Music omnivore
Cooking good food
Eating good food
Film freak – old, new, foreign

Cook – won’t call myself a chef (my son-in-law), but professional meal preparation
Poet-In-The-Schools – Kindergarten-University
Head Teacher – Parent-Coop Primary School
Drop-In Science teacher – Physics, Chemistry, Biology Grades K-8
Literature Research (pre-internet) – Stanford Research Institute

Bragging rights
Cancer survivor. Grateful every day to be alive!