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This weeks Heart is once again supporting John Means, a young man needing a kidney transplant operation.
Be sure to help this Honor student, and budding Musical artist grow up, despite his sudden tragedy of health. His family needs $100,000, yet so far his school friends have only managed to raise $6,727.
Go now and help get this deserving young man get a badly needed operation!  http://goo.gl/Jry83C

Dec. 10, 2014
4 pm Central Time
5 pm Eastern Time
3 pm Mountain Time
2 pm Pacific Time
10 pm London Time

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This Week join your #WhaTheArt host +Tim Longwell   of +Longwell Art Studios   as he welcomes fellow Artist +Arizona Lowe  and we will discuss a special program she offers to artists and curators of art content.

A little about +Arizona Lowe:

Be Strong — Stay Kind

Arizona Lowe is the site manager/editor for Today’s Visions Indie Eco-Village http://todaysvisions.com/ and the Creative Director for A&G Synergy, Inc.

In addition she is a freelance photographer and writer based in Colorado Springs who is grateful for the time to study, the imagination to be crafty and artistic, the peacefulness from maintaining a minimalistic home environment and, most importantly, the ability to to do what she loves.

Arizona’s art practice spans many different mediums including photography, pen and ink, acrylic, and oils. Each of her works is designed to inspire and reaffirm the beauty and transcendent messages that exists in the everyday.

Bragging rights
Three photography awards, nationally published, but most importantly – just an all around nice person.

View all Past +Longwell Art Studios videos on:
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/LongwellArt/
Website – http://longwellart.com

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